Define Your Fear - Mornings with Matt: Season 2: Episode 2


January 12th, 2021

1 hr 34 secs

Season 2

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Define your Fear - Mornings with Matt: Season 2: Episode 2

Welcome back to another episode of Mornings with Matt, the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast Season 2!

Our topic today is, "Define your Fear". Right now the world is in a blanket of fear. There is a sense of unease among everyone. Matt talked openly about it in our classes last night and elaborated on this episode. This podcast was broken into 4 sections based on our topic:

SHOW OPEN: Why fear exists and what is God's role in our lives as we experience fear.

Section 1: Honest assessment of how each of us personally reacts in the face of fear.

Section 2: Allowing ourselves to experience life and experiment with fear for the sake of exponential growth.

Section 3: Acting lessons on fear and exercises we use to overcome anxiety instantly.

Our values are Passion, Love, Mastery and we believe in not just making better actors, but better people! Mornings with Matt is a morning motivation talk show that was created at the beginning of the pandemic to help people continue to stay positive and focus on growth.