Plant while you Harvest


February 20th, 2020

31 mins 36 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Plant While You Harvest: Professional Development Podcast

In this episode of our professional development podcast we discuss the importance of seeking new clients while you are having success. Or in other words how to "Plant While You Harvest". We're excited to have special guest Tony Calvis on the mic with Brian Sweeney, Matthew Dearing, and Joey Sweeney.

Tony Calvis and the Nextiva connection to professional development

Tony Calvis is an extremely successful human being who believes in constant growth. He works with Nextiva, one of the top business communications companies in world. Nextiva's CEO, Tomas Gorny, is a visionary in the tech industry. Nextiva has been using our Professional Development Services for years. Dearing Acting Studio has partnered in Nextiva for Corporate Training, Keynote Speech Writing, Speech Coaching, Team Building and Sales Workshops. Matthew Dearing also reflects back on the early days of Dearing Acting Studio and how we first came to meet Tony. We enjoyed going down memory lane to celebrate our growth.

Other topics include casting in phoenix, video production and mastery mindset

Tony Calvis is the creative content director at Nextiva. He is also an expert in video production and video editing. Tony was brought into the studio to check out our acting classes, theater and online acting courses in order to help us find ways to continue to grow. In this podcast we go through the importance of conflict within the work environment, having a mastery mindset, casting in phoenix, production best practices, and more. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Dearing Acting Studio Professional Development Podcast where we discuss the connection between life and acting. Please Like, Subscribe, Share and have a Dearing Day!

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