The power of "I AM"


March 15th, 2020

41 mins 24 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode


The team was so excited to hop on the podcast and chat this week. We will let you in on a little secret.  So, our team has an awesome chemistry (still a work in progress) that we have built to chat the way we do on our podcasts, but most of the time, we have an outline as to what topics we want to hit on. That being said, we thrive on being able to adapt to whatever topics of conversation are drawn to our hearts. Do we want to hit our outline? Sure. But, are we free to improvise away from it when necessary? ABSOLUTELY. (Of course that deserved all caps) In fact, some of our best conversations derive from being able to audible with each other and find new discoveries from there. 

We begin this episode of the Dearing Studio Podcast- The Power of "I AM"  with discussing the statements that we often give ourselves without truly questioning them. We also touch on the imposter syndrome and how easy it is to preach advice to others that you may be unwilling to swallow a dosage of. 


Shea took on a new challenge this week as she gave her first official public speech. Her topic was on kindness! So, she obviously wore her "be kind" shirt. Speaking in front of a crowd is one of the struggles that many students have coming into the Dearing Acting Studio. Subsequently, this is why scripted work and improvisation are excellent tools for improving public speaking skills. Check out this cool article about public speaking and why we are so fearful of it. It is an exciting time for the Dearing Team as we have added speaking engagements to our services. Want more info on this? Check out our page here.  


The Dearing Acting Studio was blessed with a guest youth teacher this week! OG instructor and rockstar improvisor, Leeann Dearing (A founder of Dearing Acting Studio) was able to shake it up with our youth actors this week and give them a whole new perspective on improvisation. Teaching kids the "why's" and "how's" of improv is no easy feat, but Leeann was able to create a high-level-learning atmosphere - while having way too much fun, of course. 

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