Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Action: Mornings With Matt


June 25th, 2020

34 mins 13 secs

Season 1

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Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Action

Shifting Negative Thoughts to Fuel Your Motivation, creating life giving affirmations and transmuting hurtful memories into powerful fuel to drive success.

Welcome to Mornings With Matt. This show's premise is to bring light and love to the world as we battle through life's most difficult challenges.

Matt speaks with a young nursing student struggling with how to battle negativity while being stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Matt helps her to navigate exhaustion and find her specific purpose for making the most of every day.

Trust is built quickly which opens Eliana to be honest and vulnerable. Then, together, they created a plan for successfully making her dream a reality and to defend herself against negative thoughts during these tough times.


0:00 - BEGINNING QUESTION: How to Make a habit and stick to it?
1:06 - ELIANA INFORMATION GATHERING INTERVIEW: Why are things important to you? What happens if you don’t change your habits? What are you going after and why is it important? What is your dream
5:28 - VISION: How to set your sails and find purpose when you don’t have a clear one?
6:38 - FEAR: Using Positive fear to positive habits.
8:10 - HOW TO FIX IT: The answer for fixing sleep schedule and bad habits
8:48 - GET EMOTIONAL: “What do you want to do?”
10:20 ELIANA’S TWO DREAMS: Nursing & Acting
13:12 THATS YOUR OPINION: “You’re Not Good Enough”
15:05 EVERY PARENT FAILS “You ether hug too much or not enough”
17:30 PUT IN THE HOURS: Nursing school and life
19:40 REPROGRAMMING: Changing negative thoughts to fuel ACTION
20:30 - ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT SPOT: Matt’s Connection to the medical field
22:36 STARTING A DREAM: Don’t jump out of a plane with no parachute
23:44 LIGHT DRIVEN CONTENT: Helping the elderly and those locked down at home
25:20 Combine your passions to make an IMPACT
26:09 YOU HEAR WHAT YOU DECIDE TO HEAR : The Michael Jordan Story
29:22 CHANGE: How it affects people
31:05 ACTION ITEMS: (Body/Mind/Spirit)
32:35 ACTION ITEMS: Making Your Dream a Reality

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