Passionate about work: Dearing Acting Studio Podcast


July 18th, 2020

29 mins 8 secs

Season 1

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Passionate about Work

In this episode we have Shea Toepel and Joey Sweeney as our hosts. They talk about how being employee's at Dearing on the guardian team is such a blessing. They both have a true passion for acting and talk about their dreams of being an actor and how that has brought them to the studio. The people they are today is all thanks to the personal development coaching and guidance they've gotten from Matt Dearing. Being on this team allows us to make work our passion. Not only are we able to continue growing in our acting craft, but we've been given the opportunity to bless others with that same gift on their journey. Work is our passion at Dearing Acting Studio and the connection between acting and personal development we teach has been something that both Shea and Joey believe in and are proud to be a part of!